Automatic Driving Lessons

Learn to Drive in a Fully Electric Renault Zoe

Learn to Drive Automatic in a Fully Electric Car

Mike is the first driving instructor in Lincolnshire to offer automatic driving lessons in the fully electric Renault Zoe. Hop into an automatic car and the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a lot easier to drive. Without the need to press the clutch or find the right gear, stalling becomes a thing of the past. Driving in slow-moving is made easier with an automatic. 

Electric cars offer an improved driving experience to the traditional automatic cars. You do not have to wait for the car to change gears for you and you do not have to listen to a noisy engine whilst driving. Electric cars use only one third of the energy of the petrol or diesel engine and are therefore an important step in reducing carbon emissions. 

Book your zero emissions driving lessons in Lincolnshire with a grade A driving instructor.

No Gears, No Clutch and No Emissions

By driving a car that does not require you to change gears, both of your hands spend more time on the steering wheel. This means you better control of the car and the direction it is going. You will never be in the wrong gear which would lead you to stall a manual car. By having no clutch you will never stall the car. By having no clutch you will master hill starts with ease. By learning to drive in a fully electric car you are not polluting our towns and cities as a fully electric car produces no tail pipe emissions. Our fully electric car is charged using renewable energy which means we are helping to improve the air quality.

Regular Weekly Driving Lessons

Weekly driving lessons are our most popular option as you can learn at your own pace. We can help you with all aspects of driving, including the theory test and motorway driving. Structure your driving lessons around work, college and family commitments. You can pay as you go for each driving lesson or you can purchase blocks of driving lessons in advance and save up to £120. This is the most flexible and least stressful way to pass your driving test.

Pass Your Driving Test Quickly

In a hurry to pass your driving test? Our intensive driving courses can be structured over 1 to 5 weeks. You will need to pass your theory test so we can plan ahead. Together, we plan and book your driving test and then book you intensive driving course to match the driving test. You can opt for a 30 hour, 40 hour or 50 hour intensive course. Each day will have up to 6 hours of driving lessons and will include breaks as required. Learn to drive in one week.

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Powered By Renewable Energy

Our fully electric Renault Zoe is powered by Octopus Energy, a 100% renewable energy supplier. We are not shifting pollution, we are reducing pollution, our fully electric car is powered by the sun and the wind making it the cleanest way to drive. You can get £50 credit when switching to Octopus Energy when you click the link, all energy tariffs are backed by a 100% renewable promise.

Phase-out of fossil fuel vehicles

Manual gearboxes in cars will be disappearing sooner than we expect. The UK government has set a target of 2040 for the phasing out of new cars powered by only petrol or diesel engines. But with many other nations setting targets like Norway of 2025, will the car makers continue to provide the UK with cars they can not sell elsewhere or will they only produce cars they can sell anywhere?

Copyright 2020 – Learn With Mike

Copyright 2020 – Learn With Mike

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