Learn to Drive in a Fully Electric Renault Zoe

Learn to drive with Lincolnshire’s first fully electric driving school. No Gears, No Stalling and no tailpipe emissions. Passing your driving test will earn you a Full Automatic only driving licence. With the deadline set at 2040 for the end to petrol or diesel powered cars, you will be ready for driving the new EV’s.

Automatic Driving Lessons in a Fully Electric Car

Automatic Driving Lesson Prices

  • £30 – First 2 Hour Introductory Driving Lesson
  • £30 – 1 Hour Automatic Driving Lesson
  • £45 – 1.5 Hour Automatic Driving Lesson
  • £60 – 2 Hour Automatic Driving Lesson
  • £280 – 10 Hour Automatic Block Booking Discount
  • £540 – 20 Hour Automatic Block Booking Discount
  • £780 – 30 Hour Automatic Block Booking Discount

Using Our Cars for Driving Tests

Automatic Driving Tests

£65 – 2 Hours,

The Fees charged for using one of our cars does not include the Driving Test Fees which is payable to the DVSA when booking your driving test. This will include 60 minutes reserved for the driving test and some last minute practise on the way to the driving test centre. Our cars are only made available for a driving test when you have shown us that you drive well enough to pass the driving test.

Copyright 2019 – Learn With Mike

Copyright 2019 – Learn With Mike

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