How Far Can You Go on £5

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Carwow has compared exactly how far you can get on £5, in terms of petrol, diesel, electricity, and indeed public transport.

The car buying platform established the average costs of each by comparing fuel and public transport costs in 10 of the UK’s major cities. Figures for respective variants of the Volkswagen Golf were used. What did the researchers find?

how far on 5gbp
Electric VW Golf
106 miles
Diesel VW Golf
56.5 miles
Petrol VW Golf
49.6 miles
20 miles
12.6 miles

Leading the way is electric. Charge your electric car to the value of £5, and you’ll go 102 miles on average. That’s good news for the 35 percent of Brits who say their biggest worry is getting stranded in an electric car.

Compare that to second-placed diesel, and you’re nearly DOUBLING your distance. Put in £5 of diesel and on average, you’ll go around 56.5 miles.

Things get worse from there for petrol, the train and the bus. On average, £5 takes you 49.6 miles in a petrol car, 20 miles on a train and just 12.6 miles via bus.

How Far on Cheap Overnight Electricity?

320 Miles on £5

If you can charge your car at 5p per kWh, then £5 will buy 100kWh. If an electric car is 80% efficient, then 80Kwh will be available. If you can drive 4 miles per kWh you will be able to travel 320 miles on £5.

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