Ultra Low Emissions Driving Lessons

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Hi, I am Mike, Lincoln’s first Ultra Low Emissions driving instructor. I teach in a fully electric Renault Zoe, so my car produces no tailpipe emissions. As a driving instructor, I spend much of my day driving around the city streets. These are the best roads for driving electric vehicles, EV’s reduce noise and exhaust pollution. But there are many myth’s and lies being stated as fact with regard to adoption of electric vehicles. I did not get my electric car with the view to becoming an eco-warrior, but as the owner of an electric car I am seeing things in a new light, I am realising that there is a huge lobby trying to discredit the electric vehicle and keep us burning fossil fuels.

Pass Automatic Driving Test

I have learnt that it does not take much effort to alter the way we use our cars to fit in with the EV lifestyle. I find my electric car a joy to drive and to teach in. The peace and quiet, the lack of vibration make a day in my office much more enjoyable.

Charging an electric car is easy, my car would take 4 hours overnight for a full charge. Rapid charging from 20% to 90% takes as long as having a coffee and a sandwich. Many chargers now have contactless payment facilities, so you don’t need to have a number of charging apps anymore.

Contact me and I will take you outand let you drive my car, I can show you how easy it is to live with and how many chargers we already have.


Not Enough Electricty

Each of the 6 oil refineries in the UK consume the same amount of electrcity as 4.3 million electric cars. So if all 6 were not needed and closed, there is enough power already available for 25 million electric cars. At the end of 2019 there are a reported 38 million cars on the UK roads.


Electric Cars are Worse for Environment

There are many independant studies that have concluded that the lifetime CO2 emissions of electric cars is less than half of the lifetime emissions of the petrol or diesel car. Smaller cars with smaller batteries, just like my Renault Zoe 22kWh, are cleaner still.

oil rig

Your EV is coal powered

The UK energy mix only contains 3% of coal powered electricity. I want you to consider how much energy an oil rig uses. A typical oil rig uses 5000 litres of diesel per day to drill for and pump crude oil out from the ground or from under the sea.


Polluting Our Cities

A recent study has made the claim that the pollution in some of our cities has reached such high levels that it is now being compared with smoking. In some cases just breathing the air near some busy roads is the same as smoking 150 cigarettes per year.